TO ALL OUR DONORS FROM 2014 to present,

We, the Board of Directors, thank you for your sustained commitment, generosity and  partnership with us by your giving.  Our parents, students and educators have joined us by embarking on the mission of helping underperforming and special needs students reach their full potential. You too have joined us and should be proud that you are making a difference in the lives of children here and abroad. We are asking you to continue what you have started.  To our NEW donors we invite you into this partnership as we help our children who are in need of special education and progressive interventions to become literate.                 

With Gratitude Patricia I. Rowe President and Founder of LIFE


We need your help

Family Navigator Program

LIFE's GOALS for the 2018-2019 Academic year are to have 1 Family Navigator in each of our programs.  A Family Navigator is a parent who is responsible for informing parents and families via text, cell and personal interaction and mobilizing them to get involved in their child's educational experiences by participating in  workshops, PAL, and 123 Book in the Home Lending Library.  Currently 2 positions have been filled and we are in need of an additional  3 positions.



we need your help more than ever

2 more schools and an additional 20 students

In 2017-2018 Academic year LIFE  USA added another school in Brooklyn, NYC. 

We were able to raise the awareness of the value of parental involvement at an early age in their child's educational experience.   26 parents participated in the workshops and the summer reading program.  We anticipate another 20 students to join in our models for change.

In LIFE Jamaica we were asked to accept an additional 175 students to our Primary model and we are delighted as we are on a quest to build a sustainable model.